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Your information is always 100% private and confidential at Green Beetle.  We DO NOT sell or share email lists, names, transaction information or addresses.  We do not distribiute or reveal your information to anyone for any reason.  Nor do we "pass you along to affiliates".   


Any information collected is done so for the purposes of completing a transaction and maintaining a record of your purchase in order to provide customer service.  No other data is collected about you other than what you divulge in the checkout process or by email. 


We do not see or have access to or store your credit card expiration date, CVV code or anything other than the billing address and last 4 digits of your credit card. 


Any sensitive data is transmitted encrypted and kept behind password and firewall protected secure servers at bigcommerce.com for the purposes of maintaining your account (should you choose to open one) and providing customer service.  Only qualified employees have access to any stored information. 


All customers may examine all residual data that exists about them at bigcommerce.com by signing into their account.  Information can be updated or erased at that time.  If you do not have an account you can access and/or would like us to erase all your residual information, or just have questions, please contact us at admin@greenbeetlegear.com for immediate help.


*Our newsletter, for people who recieve it, is sparse and to the point.  The deals we offer through the newsletter are solely meant to reward our customers.  These special offers are not made to anyone but them.  You may unsubscribe at any time.